Don's Seafood Market & Restaurant




Established in 1973, Don's Seafood is located in the heart of historic downtown Chincoteague Island Virginia, Serving the freshest seafood on the island this family friendly location is an must experience.

Fresh Seafood

Our Menu Is Completely Based on Seasonal Catch

Here at Don's Seafood  we take pride in having the freshest local seafood. Blue Crabs in the summer months, Drum Fish fall and spring seasons, and Clams and Oysters fresh all year long thanks to our sister business Toms Cove Aquafarms.

Our native species oysters are carefully grown in "off-bottom culture systems, ensuring a clean, uniform shell product. These oysters are cultured in areas that offer optimum growth, yielding a firm meat product. Since they are hand raised in suspended nets, they are free of sand and silt.

Ocean Friendly